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Dekkers Leijdekkers was a collaboration between Pai Dekkers (1989) and Anne Leijdekkers (1993), who are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Their love for nature, education and representation has moved them to explore the wondrous underwater world of algae. Writings on nature and how we (humans) approach it have occupied their conversations for many years.

By examining representational forms of algae and building an educational platform they aim to develop a better understanding of our relationship with nature, and therefore, our place in the world.

From 2022 on Pai Dekkers will continue working on Dekkers Leijdekkers by himself.

Pai was raised by a biologist, which shaped his view on the world regarding scientific thinking and the regarding of all living things. He studied photography and graduated from Leiden University with an MA in Film and Photographic Studies. While working for the photography collection at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Anna Atkins inspired him to explore algae from a visual perspective. His ideas on photography are primarily informed by Vilém Flusser and Ernst van Alphen.